Our Vision

No one will leave Jnana Sanjeevini uncared and unprovided, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

Social Engineering [Cross subsidy]
Rich pay = Poor subsidized Bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid

“No one will leave Jnana Sanjeevini uncared and unprovided, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.” This was the premise for the inception of Samatvam in 1987. Till today, with the philanthropy and magnanimity of few Good Samaritans [individuals and institutions], and the “Service with Devotion” of our volunteers, our institution has been able to keep up with this promise, in its own little way.

Through the charity Projects DISHA and DOSTI, more than 2000 children with Type 1 diabetes, and 1,00,000 adults with type 2 diabetes, thus far, have been the beneficiaries of FREE medical care and counseling, medicines, diagnostic services, education – employment and other forms of social support etc. Besides the above FREE services, social engineering and cost cross subsidy, have helped us to reach out a much larger segment of our society at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid.

The three pivotal public service programs of SAMATVAM Trust and Jnana Sanjeevini Medical Centre are:
Program DISHA
Program DOSTHI
Program DEEPA

Affordable and holistic medical care, academic grants and scholarships for children, and social empowerment are the primary activities of the trust.

Program DISHA (Diabetes Interaction Support Health and Achievement Beneficiaries): Type I diabetes Insulin dependent children and youthPatient – Parent support groups. FREE Childhood Diabetes Clinic, first Sunday of every month“Insulin for every child” project – State of KarnatakaHealth education and counsellingSocial support – “Adopt a child” Residential health – recreation campsProgram

DOSTI (Diabetes Organization Support Training and Interaction Beneficiaries): Type II diabetes Non-insulin dependent diabetes adultsHealth awareness, screening and treatment camps – Bangalore urban and rural, State of KarnatakaFree / subsidized Diabetes Clinic, medicines, tests and treatmentDiabetes Self Care Basic and Intensive – patient and family health education programs

Every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday, and special dates / weeks; Health education and counselingDiabetes initial assessment, continuing care and Diabetes Annual Health Review; periodic and systematic medical screening and follow – up, proper and prompt multidimensional treatment for blood glucose, blood pressure, blood cholesterol control, and healthy life style (smoking prevention, ideal body weight, physical activity, stress management etc)Social supportVirtual Diabetes Camps, outreach follow-up clinics through TelemedicineProgram DEEPADiabetes Educators Education Practice and Accreditation

Beneficiaries: Diabetes health counselors / educatorsTheory classes: Basics of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, behavioral science, clinical medicine (various medical, surgical and allied disciplines)Practical skills training: History, physical examinations, investigations, psychology and counseling skills, problem oriented medical record, electronic medical record, hospital care, rehabilitation, information technology – computer skillsInternship: Supervised practical clinical experience working in the Diabetes Day care Center, referral departments, in-patient hospital setting Individual and group counseling, psychosocial support, development of health education materials, 24 hour diabetes helplineConferences, seminars, workshops and discussion groups; tele-education – internet based multimedia resources, international and national.