Our Mission

Jnana Sanjeevini is a specialty medical center and a community health care project of Samatvam Trust.

Samatvam* [Equanimity]: Science and Research for Human Welfare Trust, is a registered non-profit institution, serving people and society in the areas of healthcare, medical education, research, social work and Spirituality. The vision, mission and activities of Samatvam took their origins in mid-1980s, with the coming together of several like minded internationally and nationally trained and experienced doctors, other health professionals, scientists and social workers, with a common passion of public service towards human and societal good.

The efforts began in New Delhi in 1987, and the activities focused to Bangalore in 1993.In 2012, Samatvam completed 25 years of public service, touching the health and lives of more than 100000 fellow citizens [adults and children; rich and poor]. On this landmark occasion, the 100+ team (staff and volunteers) of Samatvam and Jnana Sanjeevini rededicate and pledge to work harder to serve people and society in stronger and deeper ways.Samatvam is one of the foremost definitions of Yoga [to unite], mentioned in the perennial Indian spiritual text Bhagavad-Gita [Chapter 2: Samatvam Yoga Uchyathe].

Samatvam refers to equanimity, which encompasses both physical and Spiritual homeostasis, in all spheres of life.

Samatvam Trust logo:samatavam logoIt represents the harmonious integration, balance and fusion of science and Spirituality in the context of health care. It illustrates a simplified and humanised “Konark” wheel [Spirituality], inside a recombinant DNA bacterial plasmid [Science]. The 8 spokes of the inner wheel symbolize 8 human beings holding hands (4 persons in blue representing the patients and 4 persons in red representing the medical team), with all theirs heads (and hearts) in unison at the central hub, emphasizing close networking between recipients and providers, towards the common goal of health and happiness. [Concept and design: Ms. Wasima Kausar, Dr Pankaj Shah, Mr KR Bilimoria [1987 – 1994]Jnana Sanjeevini logo: It again represents the practical integration of science and spirituality in the context of health care and medicine. Its three components include: the deep foundation of Spirituality [represented by the lavender lotus background], on which is built the magnificent and towering edifice of medical science [represented by the Red Cross outline], and finally, emerging on the top is the triumph of human health and spirit [represented by the human outline with outstretched hands in success].