Making health care universally accessible

Providing the cutting edge in Diabetes care to the under-privileged


Bridging knowledge and health, Jnana Sanjeevini hopes to foster humane, honest and holistic health care of the highest possible quality to the highest possible quantity. Service with devotion is our motto


Every year we treat around 30,000 people in our outpatient clinics, 3,000 through our affiliated hospital care and emergency services and very many more through our community outreach programs.


In the area or scientific and social research, Jnana Sanjeevini has focused on diabetes care in resource limited settings, patient education and empowerment, psychosocial support and Spiritual Medicine.

Meet Our Doctors

We are a group of skilled individuals.

Dr. S.S Srikanta

MD (AIIMS), [PhD], FEDM, FACE(Duke University, Joslin DiabetesCenter, Harvard Medical School, USA)

Dr. A Sharda

MD, DNB, MRCP, FEDM, FACE(Univ California, Henry Ford USA; McGill Univ, Canada; Leeds General Infirmary)

Dr. Tejeswini Deepak

MD, FEDM, FACE; (Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, UK)